New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Photography Competition Terms and Conditions

•    A total of 20 finalists will compete at NZFW, as selected by NZFW 

•    Entrants without a submitted entry form confirming consent of the terms and conditions will not be permitted to participate in the competition.
•    Each applicant must fill out and return the form via email with 3x Hi-Res images.
•    NZFW will not be responsible for any lost, late or misdirected entries.
•    The 20 finalists who will go on to compete at NZFW will be notified on Thursday 11th August.
•    Entrants must be over the age of 18 years old

Competitor Conduct & Responsibilities at NZFW
•    Finalists must be available to attend a training session with NZFW prior to the event on Sunday 21st August 2016 (subject to change), plus attend NZFW and New Zealand Fashion Weekend (NZ Fashion Weekend) from 22nd August to 28th August. The training session is compulsory for all finalists and will cover what is required at NZFW, the rules in the pit and generally familiarise them with the venue.
•    Finalists will be allowed entry into all non-private on-site designer shows and Resene Runway shows throughout the duration of NZFW. As space permits and without causing disruption, competitors can access the pits once all accredited photographers have taken their place.
•    Finalists must conduct themselves in a professional manner and stay within authorised areas of the venue.
•    Subject to confirmation, each finalist will have access to a ‘key spot’ in the photography pit for one designer show each.
•    Finalists will be provided a branded t-shirt to wear during NZFW which must be worn while shooting on-site to identify themselves as participants in the competition.
•    Finalists will need to supply their own equipment throughout the duration of NZFW for the competition and must cover up all branding logos on their equipment.
•    Finalists must attend the briefing meeting with a NZFW representative on the first day of the competition.
•    Finalists will submit three shots per day taken between 22th August to 28th August - one runway, one ambient/atmosphere and one people/social image per day, eighteen shots in total across the week which make up their final portfolio. 
•    Finalists will be required to shoot at NZ Fashion Weekend and shoot 4 Resene Runway shows and – this opportunity provides the photographers the best opportunity for clear runway imagery without the heavy media attendance of designer shows:

  • Thursday 25 August 8:30PM
  • Friday 26 August 6PM
  • Sat 27th August 3:30PM
  • Sunday 28th August 1PM

•    Finalists are required to email their 3 daily submission images to the Competition Manager (you will be notified of this person) by 9:30am the following morning – images must be provided as: JPEGs, between 2.0-3.0Mb per image, no less than 2048 pixels on one side, un-watermarked, filename format: First name, last name, day X, atmosphere/runway/social, show/designer’s name i.e. ‘Steve Tue Atmosphere Adrian Hailwood.jpg’ 
•    Finalists will be required to provide their full eighteen shot portfolio as high-res, un-watermarked images (JPEGs, between 3.0-5.0Mb per image, no less than 2048 pixels on one side) to the NZFW Head Office (New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd, 108B Newton Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland, 1010) by Memory Stick by Monday 12th September 2016

NB - we realise you will collect a massive range of shots during the event, and encourage you to submit all your additional images you have taken, as above.  While not part of the competition and having no sway on judging, these may be used to demonstrate and show the atmosphere and quality of the event in print, online and social media, further increasing your exposure, credentials and published portfolio.

•    The competition will be judged according to the standard of photos submitted.
•    The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

•    The photographer shall retain copyright of their photos taken at New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd as per the Terms and Conditions of Engagement and hereby grants New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd the Organiser a broad license to use any images submitted at this event for marketing purposes including but not limited to NZFW website, social media, internal usage and sponsorship proposals.  The Organisers (New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd) retain the right to reproduce photos submitted to the competition in newspaper, magazine, television and internet contexts that specifically promote, acknowledge or celebrate the event. Should New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd use any images for advertising purposes, the photographer will be notified. This right can be exercised without restriction and at New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd discretion.  While every effort shall be made to credit the photographer, this may not always be possible.

•    The 2016 Photography Competition grand prize will consist of an amazing prize package, and will be provided to a winner selected by a New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd judging panel.
•    The winning photographer will be required to be available for media interviews, photo shoots etc. 
•    The winner must agree to his or her image being used for post-event publicity purposes.

•    For NZFW 2016, the organisers are expanding the photography competition to include a new section, operating separately from the main competition with different judges and a separate prize pack.
•    To ensure finalists are given experience in the commercial aspects of covering industry events (as the work often is) we have included a “Telling a Brand Story” section of the 2016 NZFW Photography Competition.
•    Each finalist will be allocated an official brand partner of NZFW, and required to “tell a brand story” over a series of 20 images shot throughout the week as a photo essay.
•    Finalists will be required to submit their 20 high-res, un-watermarked images (JPEGs, between 3.0-5.0Mb per image, no less than 2048 pixels on one side) on CD/Memory Stick by Monday 12th September 2016 to the NZFW Head Office (New Zealand Fashion Week Ltd108B Newton Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland, 1010).
•    The competition will be judged by a NZFW panel.