New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019

About NZFW


Created in 2001, by Dame Pieter Stewart - NZFW forms the backbone of the New Zealand fashion and beauty industry.

As a platform that enables local and international designers to showcase and promote their collections and brand, the goal of NZFW is to provide a launching pad for designers to grow their business both nationally and internationally.

NZFW has evolved from a trade and industry event to become a multifaceted style showcase that engages thousands of fashion-focused delegates throughout the week before inviting the style-savvy public to the party during NZ Fashion Weekend.

The event not only drives brand awareness for the designers involved, but for a range of other fashion and lifestyle brands. These brands tap into the power of the event as a platform to talk directly to an audience of well over 30,000 attendees along with its wider reach through the millions of dollars of media coverage and social media engagement it generates.