New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016
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XPLAIN asserts simplicity in its ultimate form, contributing to the fashion industry as a label with a strong conscience for minimalism and self-expression. The label cultivates a compelling desire for chic, innovative and practical aesthetic direction. Founded and inspired by clothing designer Karen Zhang, she has established a platform in bringing quality fabrics and unique Prêt-à-Porter garments, with a focus on layering and garment cohesion. XPLAIN’s flagship store is located in New Zealand, in the heart of Auckland’s central fashion suburb, Newmarket. Our store also hosts a collection of prominent local fashion labels, delivering brands such as Jimmy D, Lela Jacobs, Kowtow, Maaike, Nyne, Company of Strangers and Age Eyewear to the Newmarket Area. While inspired by the many successes of top NZ designers, Karen also spotted a potential opportunity in the industry. The opportunity whereby the product should not just be the clothes, but also the complementary services to style the clothes for unique wearer. This led to the founding of the xplain styling boutique in Newmarket and the x-plain clothing label. With a keen eye for fashion and styling trends, Karen is able to offer a wholistic service about what to wear, how to wear it, and all at an accessible budget based on her label and other complementary labels offered through the xplain fashion experience.

Karen Zhang is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Waikato University, New Zealand in 2007. Having lived in New Zealand most her life, she draws inspiration from the amazing environment and people that is distinctly kiwi. Karen always had a passion for fashion. Her vision is to build a unique brand and fashion platform to collaborate with other aspiring designers and rising talent. This is because she grew up in NZ alongside the growth and formative years of NZ's fashion industry. An entrepreneur at heart, she founded and launched the XPLAIN fashion label in 2013 and often travels between international metropolitan cities looking out for the latest trends in fashion, and for inspiration. Karen owns and manages the XPLAIN flagship store located in Newmarket, Auckland. The store showcases her collection of garments and also proudly hosts a number of other local New Zealand brands.

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18B Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland 1023, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 524 0287


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