New Zealand Fashion Week
27 August - 2 September 2018
Hailwood - LUKE FOLEY-MARTIN-11.jpg



NZ's first truly progressive and avant-garde luxury fashion brand and retailer, the WORLD factory of ideas and experiments, with 6 luxury concept boutiques across the country, continues to lead and evolve the fashion vision and experience in New Zealand. Returning this year to open NZ Fashion Weekend with the pomp and ceremony it deserves, the WORLD SS 2018 collection is taking the famous idiom ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ and turning it on its head. Challenging sparkling leopard prints against bold floral patterns, enhancing textural linens with dynamic silhouettes, each creation clearly keeps their characterful clientele in mind.

To purchase tickets to the WORLD show at NZ Fashion Weekend at 8:30pm on Friday, click here
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