New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

The Official NZFW Blog


Tell us a little about your first NZFW? I’m not sure how old I was, but it was way, way back. I remember the casting feeling like such a big deal and all the other models were older and cooler than me. They were asking each other for lighters and talking about what they were doing that night, and I had my mum waiting in the car park.


How many NZFWs have you been to and in what capacity?

I started out as a model, then when I was interning for RUSSH I was given the opportunity to write my first trend report for them. It meant I was walking as well as attending shows and it was a shambles, but that was my first taste of being on the other side of things. The following year I was invited down as a guest with the crew of international delegates, then I’ve had a couple of years since where I’ve been presenting televised coverage.


Could you tell us some of the highlights over the years - your favourite shows etc?

I loved the year liam showed for the first time at the RUBY show, with Chelsea Jade (then Watercolours) performing live. Stolen Girlfriend’s Club when the models came out dressed in ‘80s prom dresses. The first time I saw Salasai, back in 2010 I think, a show Dan Ahwa styled and the models had gold leaf in their hair and wore spectacles. Years ago I walked for Nicole Miller when she was the international guest designer, and the relationship I’ve had with her in New York and so many opportunities that it has led to is all thanks to us meeting in New Zealand. And I’ve made some really great friends amongst the other delegates, NZFW was where I first met Alex Catarinella and Nicole Warne. It’s just always so great to come back and be at home, and NZFW treats you unbelievably well. The hotel is always so beautiful and you’re driven everywhere, you just don’t get taken care of like that by most other fashion weeks.


What are some of your favourite outfits or pieces of clothing from the last 15 years?

I still love liam’s very first collection, I remember the stand out look was an electric blue suit worn under a camel coat. The collection RUBY showed was amazing too, it was all ‘60s adventurer, inspired by Tin Tin. I remember Lucy McIntosh’s black and white leather jackets from 2014 and a super soft British racing green leather jacket by Zambesi. I loved what Juliette Hogan did last year, lots of really beautiful pieces styled back with sneakers. A lot of the time New Zealand designers are just doing their own thing, so it was good to also see some acknowledgement of what's on trend internationally and how Juliette interpreted that in styling her show.