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22 - 28th August 2016

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MADELEINE HARMAN AND JESSICA GRUBIŠA OF HARMAN GRUIBISA HARMAN GRUBIŠA is a womenswear brand developed by the design partnership of Madeleine Harman and Jessica Grubiša. Both designers have spent several years in the fashion industry working in roles ranging from design, forecasting and editorial styling.

Harman Grubisa - runway shot finale 2

Following their debut show in NZFW this year we asked the girls a couple of interesting questions!


Q: How long have you been in your industry for?

We’ve both been actively working in the industry since university – close to about 8 years collectively..


Q:What is your Favourite Tune right now?

M: Shopping Cart, Parallel Dance Ensemble  | J: Love Blind by Matthew Young.


Q:What can you never leave the house without?

J: My Diary | M: A coffee in hand.


Q:What does NZFW mean to you?

NZFW for us was about pushing our label to the next level and a wonderful platform to connect with the right people – both locally & internationally.


Q:What is the next big trend? In Hair, Make up, Model, Colour, Style e.t.c…

Flares aren’t going anywhere – nor are romantic collar and cuff treatments – colourful eyeliner and big hair seem to be creeping back in in the beauty world.


Q: Tell us about your latest collection / work?

Dakota AW16 that we showed at Fashion Week is about creative and forward thinking women throughout history. We explored the likes of Roberta Flack and Lauren Bacall – real leading ladies; the way they dressed and their lifestyles and attitude & the Dakota story grew from there.


Q:Where is your Favourite Hangout?

M: All we do is work at the moment! So bed? or if my brother is DJ ing at Golden Dawn we’ll head there for a drink | J: Every sunday I head to Dizzengoff religiously for Brunch.


Q:Where did it all begin?

J: We met at university, we both pursued work locally and overseas – we were at a cross roads in terms of our career directions, Madi was about to pursue a full time design position in NY, I was about to head to Bali for work, and we both came to the decision that if we didn’t do it now we never would and this was the dream for us. So Madi came home, I stayed, I left my work - she got married - we registered our business Feb. 2014, and our first collection was available August that year. 1 store, 1 NZFW later and here we are.


Q:What is the best advice you have been given?

M: At the end of the day you have to carry the weight of the decisions you make, the direction your label takes, the risks. It’s not anyone else’s decision so you really have to own your choices


Q:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?



Q: In a paragraph can you sum up your experience of Fashion week this year and your ultimate highlight:

A highlight with for us was connecting with different International media personalities, because we met some lovely people and had some great chats, as well as this we have formed some great relationships with different buyers around the country and it’s been great to have more people within the HG family – the ultimate highlight for us was how much support we received from both industry, media and so on, and how well received our debut show was.


Contact Details:

Sales: Jessica Grubiša Email: Phone: +64 9 973 6129

Harman Grubisa - runway shot 10


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