New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


MEET Rachael Burkhardt - Beauty Merchandise Manager, Farmers New Zealand


For years, Farmers have offered shoppers access to the world’s best known beauty brands.  Today, the chain boasts a lineup of products ranging from iconic brands, to New Zealand’s favourite local brands, to new niche discoveries.  The knack is knowing just which brands and products to choose to line the shelves, and that takes more than just a business mind; it also takes passion for the category and a willingness to delve deeply into all it has to offer.  And that’s exactly why Rachael Burkhardt is the perfect person for the job.

Her Bachelor of Business from AUT led her to a 15 year career at Estée Lauder Companies where she led the brand teams for the likes of Origins, La Mer, Bobbi Brown and Estée Lauder.  Greatly esteemed and admired by her peers and retail partners, she was then headhunted by Farmers into the pivotal role she holds today with the trading group.

Leading a team of 20 staff who personally select, procure and manage each brand and product within the beauty department at Farmers, including online, requires a balance of intellectual horsepower and appetite for the category.  Rachael has both. Armed with a strategic business mind and an unwavering adoration for all things beauty, these are key attributes to her success in this role. 

Additionally, the role requires a unique ability to understand Farmers’ multitude of shoppers, their unique idiosyncrasies and the products and brands that appeal to them.  This consciousness and dedication to the customer from Rachael and her team means that Farmers’ beauty department is unrivaled in New Zealand when it comes to depth and breadth of choice.  There really is something for everyone at Farmers, with a real opportunity for customers to explore a magnitude of offerings, as their portfolio of brands and products combines iconic brands that are household names with more niche brands that many are perhaps yet to discover.  However, products aren’t brought on just because they look pretty or are well known.  Rather, the team’s bathrooms become real life testing grounds where each product is put to the test to ensure it’s delivering the results it says it does. 

When it comes to the lineup of local New Zealand beauty brands within Farmers’ beauty department, Rachael has been instrumental in discovering, sourcing and ranging the cream of the crop.  As a locally owned company with such strong affinity to New Zealanders, it is important to both the organisation and Rachael to ensure local brands are well represented within the department.  Brands such as Ethique, The Bonbon Factory, Triumph & Disaster, and Mellow are examples of such.

Rachael and her team have successfully worked towards providing New Zealanders with a diverse lineup of brands and products making Farmers the perfect destination for all one’s beauty needs.

Come and visit the Farmers Beauty Hub at this year's Fashion Weekend.

Megan Cunningham