New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


Meet The Designers w/ Olli

What’s your brand story?

Olli is an exploration into what I want to achieve in the world of art, founded in early 2018. 

Our womenswear is a bold combination of Renaissance trends and modern street style. We keep our carbon footprint small by using recycled and thrifted fabrics and thread, which makes each piece extra special.  

What can we expect from your show this year? 

An experience. A combination of the old and the new, a clash of colours and textures and overwhelming personality. 

What has inspired the collection you’ll be showing at NZFW 2019? 

This body of work came to life without any identifiable inspirations. Thoughts and feelings which can’t be put into words made into clothing, instead. 

How does this year’s Fashion Week theme ‘Sustainability’ resonate with your brand and your collection?

Ensuring Olli’s carbon footprint remains teeny-tiny is an important part about what we do. 

The majority of fabrics I find for Olli's ruffles and frills are sustainably sourced; recycled and thrifted fabrics that would otherwise eventually be headed to landfill.

My studio is floor-to-ceiling-filled with old curtains, sheets, duvets and thrifted materials, ready to be moulded into art.

I find the source of the fabric doesn't compromise the beauty of the outcome… it enhances it rather. 

What’s your favourite story/show/moment/feeling from New Zealand Fashion Week?

Seeing my frills and flounce backstage at our first NZFW show, models lined up with last minute hair and make-up teams fluffing around them. 

What was your motivation behind wanting to take part in New Zealand Fashion Week? E.g. Creating content, hosting partners and customers, getting in front of the media, selling and talking to international and national markets, building your brand profile, growing your customer base etc. 

I simply love the idea of creating beauty and being able to take something from my mind and create a physical representation. I’m a creative, and the feeling of doing just that; creating, is one that brings me such joy and warmth. 

 I’m not here for the business or the press, I’m here to make the audience feel something.  

I’m not a businesswoman. I want to be an artist, buried under layers of art – art disguised as clothing.

New Zealand Fashion Week is the one time of the year the industry comes together to celebrate and showcase our countries design talent on such a large scale. Why is New Zealand Fashion Week so important for designers and the industry as a whole?

NZFW gives us an opportunity to show New Zealand (and the world) what we have been working on for the remainder of the year. What we’ve achieved, what we’ve been through, thought and felt. 

We get to nudge a fraction of ourselves into view for all to see and feel. 

We’re looking for unique angles to tell your story – tell us something special about you/your brand or collection.

Sustainably, ethical, recycled/thrifted fabrics and thread. One woman show. Holly is 20 years old, no fashion degree or education in fashion. Just passion. 

Megan Cunningham