New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


Meet The Designers w/ Rhémy


What’s your brand story?

Established in 2019, Rhémy is a New Zealand brand positioned in the emerging contemporary luxury market.

Founder, Mindy Madden, is a dedicated creator with years of experience and expertise working under mentors from design houses such as Hermes, YVY, and Oroton. Mindy has also developed for top Australian brands and worked in Europe, gaining the skills and experience to launch her first solo collection back in New Zealand, where it all started. 

Rhémy is all about slow fashion – crafted by hand – and made to last. Turning away from mass production, each piece is skillfully and thoughtfully developed to create a personal luxury. Made in New Zealand from the finest leather and components, Mindy has travelled the world to source from the best tanneries and merchants, resulting in a uniquely curated collection. 

The goal of the brand is to attract customers who feel a sense of excitement and desire for the products we make. We want our customers to feel uplifted and proud to wear our pieces, and be a part of the brand they have invested in. With this in mind, we are careful to control our production - not making more than we can sell - and in a sea of fleeting consumption, offering exclusive pieces from the bottom of the world. Our pieces are made to last. This is where traditional crafts(wo)manship meets modern design.

We believe in organic growth, giving us the time to respect the product, and obsess over the details. We are committed to quality, ethical sourcing, fair work conditions, and most importantly, building lasting relationships with our customers. 

What can we expect from your show this year?

Accessories are the heroes of this collection. Handcrafted leather belts, bags and jewellery, pop on a backdrop of classic tailored jackets, French inspired silhouettes and a Parisian colour palette. Unexpected accessories are a big part of the story. Traditional techniques and innovative design merge to create a rare and unique aesthetic. Being a trans-seasonal collection, each piece can be styled and worn year-round, giving it a global reach.

Emphasis has been made to source natural fibres, making the range both high quality and sustainable.

This collection is for women with a strong sense of style - refined and unexpected, each look is a discreet statement.

Elegance and nonchalance meets a powerfully feminine aesthetic. 

What has inspired the collection you’ll be showing at NZFW 2019?

As a ‘tip of the hat’ to my mentors, this first solo collection has been inspired by the amazing craftswomen of France. Not only do they work long hours each day, but they do it looking as chic and ‘put-together’ as a model straight off the runway. These women are the powerhouse of the luxury industry, engineering the clothing and accessories we covet, with precision and care. There is no limit to the talent and skill of these craftswomen, and to them I owe a great deal.

This collection honours effortless elegance, understated sensuality, and rebellious - yet playful design. An approach to fashion that has been in the background of my life for many years.

French style is more than skin deep – comfort is paramount, and confidence is your best accessory. With that in mind, I wanted to create a collection that makes the wearer feel that sense of empowerment. This collection is designed to make women feel feminine, powerful and chic. 

How does this year’s Fashion Week theme ‘Full Circle’ resonate with your brand and your collection?

This is the paragon of a full circle moment….

Born and raised in New Zealand, Mindy studied Fashion Design and Technology in Christchurch, skipping her last year of school to follow her enthusiasm and interest in the fashion industry. 

After graduating, Mindy decided to travel and further her education. Living abroad, she studied Footwear and Accessories, and worked for luxury labels in both Australia and Europe. After 15 years gaining experience and expertise overseas, Mindy has come FULL CIRCLE, to where it all began, choosing New Zealand to start her brand.

Developing products in her home country brings Mindy FULL CIRCLE, creating a luxury product, from the bottom of the world.

Megan Cunningham