New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


Meet The Designers w/ Adrian Hailwood

Photo credit: @beautyEQ

Photo credit: @beautyEQ

From his first show in 2001, fashion heavyweight Adrian Hailwood has taken part in New Zealand Fashion Week every year for the last 18 years. We sat down and asked him some questions about his NZFW journey and what NZFW means to his brand.

Whats your favourite moment from New Zealand Fashion Week?

My very first show was a group show in the second year of Fashion Week at the Town Hall.

I was last in line to show and I was so excited as it was the first time I'd designed and collaborated with local suppliers - shoes made at Marla shoes they made my duck shell and black tuxedo pumps, Jessica Aggeray made the beautiful feathered head pieces, Glengyle Knitwear made the ballet cardigan knits and multicolour hand made the green and black swallow print fabric which is still my favourite fabric design.

That was in 2001 and I have shown at NZFW every year since. It is part of the Hailwood DNA and has been since the beginning.

Tell us your favourite leverage or connection to come from your participation in New Zealand Fashion Week? 

Fashion Week has always been about the creative output for me to put on a show that lets the buyer, customer, sponsor, the viewer in on a story of what the brand is about.

I like to do this by creating pieces that are not all about the commercial sales side of my business but more about the soul and dream scape of creating a show experience that your guests will remember. Each year I challenge myself to try and improve on the last to make it different from the others.

New Zealand Fashion Week is the one time of the year the industry comes together to celebrate and showcase our countries design talent on such a large scale. Why is New Zealand Fashion Week so important for designers and the industry as a whole?

NZFW is a great place to show the industry here and overseas about your brand and it gives you multiple platforms to get your ideas in-front of the right people and let you create and push your designs centre stage. 

Megan Cunningham