New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


The Backstage Blog w/ Not For You

What inspires and influences you?

I am inspired by art, life around me and most importantly my thoughts and feelings will always showcase in my garments and collections.

How would you describe the collection being shown at NZFW 2019 to someone outside the industry?

This collection is called ‘5 Year Plan’ which encapsulates exactly what the collection is about. Five years ago I wrote down 50 goals which I wanted to achieve in the next ten years. I review these every year and at the start of the year I realised I had achieved more than I could have imagined, I want to celebrate this and show people that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

When did you start working on the collection?

I have been working on the collection for around three months, every year I push it quite close but this year I had the shortest time frame to get everything completed. I am super happy with the outcome and I can't wait to see what people think!

Tell us about the show production.

We are hoping for the show to be engaging from the moment it starts, we have different elements to hopefully invoke different feelings and showcase a clear story.

Tell us about your approach to lighting and sound.

My approach has always been really in depth as I believe all components create the show. My music is always something I put a lot of thought and care into. I am really fortunate to know an amazing DJ who creates unique soundtracks for me every year. In regards to the lighting, I also feel like this is a super important element as it can change the whole setting of the show and create different feelings and tones for the audience. I like to emphasize the 'show' when I showcase my collections.

Do you have any special products you used to achieve the models looks.

I don't tend to go too over the top with my hair and makeup, I like sleek neutral looks and I feel like this allows the clothes to really speak for themselves.

Who did you collaborate with to help turn your vision into a runway show?

I collaborated with G.Shock, Hills Hats and Rodney Wayne to bring my collection to life this year. These collaborations helped create another level to the show so I can't wait to see the end result from working with these amazing creatives!

What was the inspiration for the music?

I am heavily influenced by Rap and Hip Hop. I want my music to capture people and to excite them. I enjoy people being able to dance or even sing along to my music, I really enjoy upbeat shows as I find they are so memorable when the music is amazing.

Do you want to thank anyone in particular for helping you turn your show into such a success?

I want to thank G.Shock, Rodney Wayne, Hills Hats, Fabric Warehouse, Apparel Magazine and of course The Sewing Depot. I get to work with some awesome people and I wouldn't be where I am today without them!

Who are you most excited to see at NZFW 2019?

I am really excited to see the Graduate Show, I love seeing the new up and coming designers!

Megan Cunningham