New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


The Backstage Blog w/ Havilah

What inspires and influences you?

Born in London and raised between there and South Africa, I was always surrounded by colourful houses, street festivals and a humbling culture.

For the last 10 years living in New Zealand and being surrounded by forestry and beaches has made my love and appreciation for the environment strong. Finding ways to not only conserve the wildlife and saline but also to make them thrive has been something that has been a constant drive since starting my label. For me sustainability is an inbuilt mindset and we like to think that for our customers it’s the same.

How would you describe the collection being shown at NZFW 2019 to someone outside the industry?

“Learn my name” is inspired by interviews focusing on identity and past experiences that played an integral part in why they are who they are today, it’s based on experiences that have been shared with me. With a strong environmental focus and aim to re-defy the preconceived notion of everyday womenswear.

When did you start working on the collection?

After our show last year I have been sampling and designing the new collection and working away at it over the year.

Tell us about the show production.

The show is all about embracing each models’ individuality and to celebrate people of every size, age and ability. So be prepared for a lot of sass, movement and emotions!

Tell us about your approach to lighting and sound.

Think warm tones paired to the beat of our runaway songs to create a cheerful show.

Do you have any special products you used to achieve the models looks.

Our models will be quite bare faced with a lime wet look for the eyes and a glossy lip.

Who did you collaborate with to help turn your vision into a runway show?

I couldn't be more thankful to our shoe sponsors Medium Rare and our Jewellery sponsor Fluff!

What was the inspiration for the music?

For me music is always an integral part of my design process, music inspires the names of each piece in my collection. For each collection I create a playlist that I can sing and dance to whilst creating my garments. A few of the songs always stick out which is how I pick my songs!

Do you want to thank anyone in particular for helping you turn your show into such a success?

I'd love to thank my Mother, not only was she one of the leading inspirations behind my collection, she's been an amazing support system for me and I couldn't thank her enough.

Who are you most excited to see at NZFW 2019?

I’m most excited to see Maggie Marilyn, Benjamin Alexander and NopeSisters!

Megan Cunningham