New Zealand Fashion Week
26 August 2019 - 1 September 2019


The Backstage Blog w/ Afrispec Global

What inspires and influences you?

I get inspired by lots of colours and nature.

How would you describe the collection being shown at NZFW 2019 to someone outside the industry?

To this day, Afrispec is a fashion house creating fun, classy urban styles that give you a sophisticated workplace look, and present you as on-trend when out and about enjoying life. Our men's and women's ranges deliver style and elegance, comfort and functionality.

When did you start working on the collection?

I started working on my collection in May .

Tell us about the show production.

I work with lots of infusing of pattern fabrics and create my designs with mixed one backgrounds fabrics with lots of every min of my life .

Tell us about your approach to lighting and sound.

The Sound and lighting put a spotlights on my whole creativity and skills .

Do you have any special products you used to achieve the models looks?

I work with lots of Ankara mixed with stretch. Am comfortable working with this fabrics as I am able to achieve all the looks I want for all body types.

Who did you collaborate with to help turn your vision into a runway show?

I am in a group show alongside many talented designers.

What was the inspiration for the music?

My inspiration comes from the colours and diversity of culture.

Do you want to thank anyone in particular for helping you turn your show into such a success?

I will like to thank the organisers of NZFW and the Afrispec team.

Who are you most excited to see at NZFW 2019?

My first showcase!

Megan Cunningham