New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016
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Kitty Yiyi

Kitty Yiyi


Kittie Yiyi's interest in the fashion world started when she was 6 after seeing a runway show on TV. This set the course of her career in design thereafter.

Soon after graduating from high school, she joined Raffles Design Institute, KL at the age of 18 and graduated in 2010. While designing, she also started blogging about her designs, giving fashion tips and advice to her followers. Her blog, read by many fashion enthusiasts has helped open doors for Kittie into the fashion world.

Her designs reflect her personality which is quirky, fun and colourful. Her label consists of everyday pieces from dresses to suits. The label itself sends a message to women to be bold in experimenting and to stand out as an independent woman.

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