New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Backstage Blog

K' Road Presents

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This flamboyant main street is famous for its creative, eclectic culture, boutique shops and buzzing nightlife. Home to everything from designer workrooms to contemporary art, live music and vintage stores, the designers of K' Road showing this year include: Courtney Pellow, Courtney Perham, Lost and Led Astray and Nick Von K.

Courtney Pellow's Drop One transeasonal collection was inspired by her upbringing as a 'Kiwi Kid', with ideas derived from wearing your dads clothes and referencing the hunting and fishing culture and New Zealand fauna through use of camo prints. Courntey's film for the showcase was produced by New Territory.

Nick Von K presented his Magic Orchard collection drawing on "the simple beauty of nature and the magic of childhood memories", featuring "feathers and nests, delicate dragonfly wings, flowers and leaves that evoke the playfulness of a simpler time are treasured in a collection of earrings, pendants and rings".

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Deborah Raj