New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Backstage Blog

Katherine Victoria


Aptly named, Aesop’s No.226, Katherine Victoria’s AW18 collection drew its inspiration from the original illustration style used in Aesop's Fables. The label’s designer, Kat Traveller explained it this way, “the textures explored throughout these illustrations are simply divine and timeless, particularly the botanical textures through so many of his fables, such an enchanting place to be taken (if there is a floral wonderland, I am drawn). I've explored these ideas through fabrics and detailing throughout the collection. The morals and philosophies behind these stories really resonated as well...Aesop's No.226 is the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare”. With the MAC team in charge of makeup, the looks were inspired by playful ideas from Kat’s storyboard that mixed fun with clean, taking the form of graphic blocks of colours on the lids. And, staying in theme while keeping things modern with a touch of whimsy, the team at dharma were in charge of the lush locks on the catwalk.  

Deborah Raj