New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Backstage Blog

Jimmy D

JIMMY D6.jpg

Vulcanologist couple Katia and Maurice Krafft - they travelled the world traversing active volcano’s and documenting eruptions in unprecedented detail, essentially by simply getting closer than anyone had before. The more they experienced, the more fool hardy they became - paddling out in acid lakes, sleeping in the mouth of active volcano’s and even proposing kayaking down a lava flow in a titanium canoe. Maurice famously said that "I am never afraid because I have seen so many eruptions in 23 years that even if I die tomorrow, I don't care” which ironically was uttered the day before the couple died in a pyroclastic flow on Mount Unzen in Japan. This darkly romantic story inspired the collection - we took elements of romance, utilitarian dressing, and the couple’s signature silver heat resistant suits and put it all in a blender.

We’re working with Kiekie Stanners from MAC Cosmetics on our makeup look - we kept the individuality of each model, working with their own unique makeup look but adding flashes of glittery silver. A few models are sporting large painterly swipes of glittery silver that reminded us of sparkling, crystalline, rock formations. DIY was a key word for us, we wanted them to look beautiful but not too perfect.

Lauren Gunn and Maggie Pang from Colleen created our hair look using Kevin Murphy products. Again, it was all about working with each model and creating looks that compliment their own look and style - but this time texture is the common thread. Hair goes from thickly gelled, shiny and messy to looks that hug the head with dryer flyaway textures at the ends. Hair that wouldn’t look out of place emerging from a helmut atop a mountain.

Deborah Raj