New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Ariane Bray

Ariane Bray




Ariane Bray is inherently influenced by her UK upbringing, with a preference for muted tones and a dark aesthetic. Now established in New Zealand, this influence combines to create a vision that is sculpted by the scenery and isolation of Dunedin.

A background in art drives a conceptual though process resulting in provocative and yet sophisticated designs. Focus is placed on creating garments that question conventional notions of fashion- challenging traditional ideals of femininity and masculinity, to create perpetual styles that empower the wearer while encouraging comfort and versatility through high quality and natural fabrics. Ariane uses organic sources of inspiration when designing; creating clothing that represent herself - self portraits of a state of mind in a certain time or mentality, but void of passing trends to illustrate an interpretation of what is seen, experienced and thought.