New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Andrea Moore

Andrea Moore


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Workroom - 63 Mackelvie Street, Grey Lynn 1011, Ponsonby, Auckland

P. +64 9 360 9640

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Andrea Moore has a background more Kiwi than most. Born in Dunedin, she grew up in towns all over New Zealand before landing in Wellington where, with the help of her family, she opened her first shop in 1999.

Andrea Moore is a brand that celebrates the many facets of women. Andrea Moore believes that all women are everyday superheroes, and aims to celebrate this through every facet of the brand. Andre Moore women are strong, capable, compassionate, fearless, career followers, dream chasers, mothers, lovers, friend and adventurers. Andrea Moore offers its customers ‘The Ride of Your life’, through its high quality luxurious products with a heavy dose of fun: through its unexpected advertising campaigns and imagery, and through its empowering brand story.