New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016
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Ever since I was young, I loved dressing up, cutting, altering, modifying.... changing my clothes 3-5 times a day! My poor mother never knew what to do with me!

My passion was always to design, create, and influence others with the things that inspired me. Some people say I'm a little crazy and they are right.... you can't do what we do with out being a little insane!  I am so excited to introduce to New Zealand my label ‘ROCHELLE’ at New Zealand Fashion Week this year. I will be launching my label by debuting my first collection ‘Renewal’ at Fashion Week and am delighted for you all to see it.

‘Renewal’ is about the modern woman embodying sophistication, elegance and class, epitomizing a strong woman of substance and integrity through the intricate detail and silhouettes.

I am supported through my journey by an amazing family, amazing team and must thank Dame Pieter Stewart for encouraging me to participate in New Zealand Fashion Week 2016.

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