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New Zealand

The Official Website for New Zealand Fashion Week. New Zealand Fashion Week, with collections from New Zealand's leading designers on show.

YMCA & Raise Up Presents Walk The Line

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YMCA & Raise Up Presents Walk The Line

Walk the Line is dedicated to showcasing upcoming young designers at one of New Zealand’s iconic week of the year, New Zealand Fashion Week 2016.  The show is presented in The Flooring Foundation Runway by YMCA Auckland’s youth programme, Raise Up.

Raise Up is a key programme of the organisation focussing on creating opportunities for young people and empowering them to make a positive change in their communities.

Since 2011, Walk the Line has continued to show its popularity during New Zealand Fashion Week as a consistent sell-out most years. As the only show led and driven by local youth, Walk the Line gives young designers the opportunity to display their garments on a world stage platform. It goes both ways, for youth involved in the Raise Up crew, they are solely responsible for the event management, production, promotion and sales of the show.

August 27