Resene Designer Selection Show

The spectacular Resene Designer Selection Shows returned for 2014! This was a chance to experience the glitz and glamour of New Zealand Fashion Week, while watching a showcase of the finest garments that 2013 New Zealand Fashion Week designers had to offer. The Designer Selection Shows were a stylish snapshot of every designer showing throughout the week, produced by Marissa Findlay. It was the best show to see for those who wanted a top to toe peek at all the new season looks of clothes in store from EVERY designer showing at New Zealand Fashion Week 2013.

The Designer Selection Showcase was repeated over five nights ensuring as many fashionistas as possible got to see the show. Running for a whopping 35 minutes, these shows were the best value for a taste of New Zealand Fashion Week AND each seat had a stunning goodie bag with treats and beauty products worth more than the ticket. The Designer Selection Show ticket also provided access to New Zealand Fashion Week at any time on the day of the show. Guests were invited to come early and hang out in the Champagne Lounge or peruse the exhibitions for fashion and beauty inspirations!

The Designer Selection Shows were high energy, fun fuelled experiences delivering stunning fashion accompanied by a specially crafted soundtrack. With Servilles styling the hair and Smashbox working their makeup artistry, the Designer Selection Shows were the highlight of the week.