New Zealand Fashion Week
22 - 28th August 2016

Carena West

Carena West


Carena West’s eponymous label was launched in 2013, featuring exclusively designed prints and interesting shapes. Based in New Zealand, the label draws inspiration from endless summers spent at New Zealand beaches, swimming in the surf and sunning on the sand. 

Having previously shown on the runway at MBFWA 2014, Carena West Resort 2016 has become more sophisticated.  Developing in line with the designer’s personal journey, according to West “the brand is easy going, with a touch of luxe”.

Carena West is also taking a social turn, withdrawing from manufacturing in China in favour of New Zealand. “Having a brand that is socially responsible is now an integral component of our business - a connection with how each piece is made is incredibly important, as much as the design, fabrication and make”. All swimwear is constructed with care and signed for by the person who has manufactured it, meaning that each individual piece can be traced back to its manufacture date and location. Carena West's Modern Icon Resort 2016 collection celebrates the grace, fluidity and empowerment of the modern female icon. The combination of hand painted details with organic colours juxtaposed with unexpected textures represents an untold strength and femininity.

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